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Water Purification

Barnstead™ LabTower™ RO

Convert tap water into reverse osmosis (RO) water with integrated 100L storage using the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ LabTower™ RO system, which allows the user to easily read parameters with an ultra-modern controller. Mounted on casters, this compact system is an ideal pure...

Barnstead™ Pacific™ RO

The Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead Pacific RO is a modularly designed laboratory reverse osmosis system specifically developed for functional and economical production of high-purity water

Gallery(2) Barnstead™ MegaPure™ Glass Stills

Obtain high purity water from distillation using Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Mega-Pure™ Glass Stills, constructed of non-leaching components. These glass stills effectively remove inorganic solids, organics with boiling points higher than water, bacteria and pyrogens. Available...

Barnstead™ LabTower™ TII

Convert tap water into high-purity water with the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ LabTower™ TII, a complete solution integrating purification and tank. This high-tech system is designed to continuously recirculate purified reservoir water to preserve water quality even during...

Barnstead™ Pacific™ TII

Convert tap water into Type 2 high purity water with the automatic and cost-efficient Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Pacific™ TII water purification system. This system supports daily requirements from 20 to 200 liters. Remove approximately 98% of inorganic ions and 99% of all...

Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™

Convert tap water to both ASTM Type 1 and Type 2 water with the compact, all-in-one Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ water system. This complete system produces 3 or 6 liters of ultra-pure water per hour. The Smart2Pure 3 and 6 feature a built-in 6L reservoir to store...

Barnstead™ GenPure™

Produce Type 1 ultrapure water with consistent quality for your most demanding and sensitive applications with the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ GenPure™ water purification system. This system offers outstanding control, high-precision and USP-complying conductivity measurement...

Barnstead™ GenPure™ xCAD Plus

Gain flexibility in the lab with the new Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ GenPure™ xCAD Plus ultrapure water system. Its advanced technologies allow for simultaneous dispensing from up to three remote dispensers for ease of use in shared laboratory environments. This lab water...

Barnstead™ Boost Pumps

ompensate for long tubing runs, height issues or a combination of both with Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Boost Pumps. These boost pumps can assist in supplying inlet pressures needed by units with RO membranes.