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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:
To be a leading supplier for quality laboratory and Medical care products in Africa.

Our Mission:
To efficiently market and distribute quality medical and laboratory products from reputable sources at competitive prices to provide the best value for our customers

Our Core values:
Our core values and principles are integrity, team work, efficiency,Reliability and quality.

OUR accountability

We each take responsibility for delivering outstanding results to our partners, patients and colleagues, while affirming our commitment to integrity and the highest standards of ethical conduct.

OUR compassion

We are caring professionals committed to improving the health and well-being of patients around the world.

OUR collaboration

We are integral partners working with our colleagues and customers to generate innovative ideas that solve challenging healthcare problems.

OUR diversity

We strive to fully understand our marketplace, our customers, our communities and our employees and to enter into our relationships with a sense of honesty, fairness and trust.

Our Objectives:

  • We are established to set trends in the field of medical and laboratory supply by   satisfying the requirement standards of the Medical/Laboratory sector and the whole market at large with impeccable track record for efficiency and reliability.


  • To provide an exquisite service, innovation and values of the service that will continually surpass the customer’s satisfaction and delight.


  • With a dedicated team of young, motivated, brilliant and energetic professionals, GSSL is to become a partner in promoting and presenting quality standards to her clients in the field of medical and laboratory supply.


  • We dedicate our time to supplying state of the art technology as it becomes available and the latest equipment as well as developing a dedicated work force that is an integral part of our client’s success.
  • To maintain a customer service and sales personnel that is dedicated to serving our customers promptly, courteously, and with the highest level of ethics and good will. GSSL’s dedication to customer satisfaction has resulted into an effective and robust follow up   policy of each and every order for our customers.