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Cold Storage Solutions / Supplies In Uganda

August 09, 2010

In Uganda, Global Scientific Supplies Ltd  is the leading supplier and solution provider of Cold Storage Accessories.  Portable cold- storage containers are a reasonably priced well as they are meant to hold goods that require refrigeration on-site or on a temporary rental basis or a long term lease.

Global Scientific Supplies Uganda Ltd knows what it means when it comes to Cold Storage Supplies and Solutions across the East and African at large.  These Cold Storage units can have great benefit for companies in the food industry and other companies that require refrigeration units who are running out of space or do not have enough space within their premises.

Therefore, the next time you think of Cold Storage facilities and supply in Uganda, Global Scientific Supplies Ltd should be your number one stop.

A few of what we offer include the

48-place Sealed Fiberlite™ Fixed Angle Rotor, the Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezers, the -80°C Benchtop Freezer and others.


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