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Google Doodle are themed projects on the occasion of significant events that appear on the main search page. Over the years, Google has made over 4,000 Doodles. Besides the pictures with animation, Google periodically uploads remakes of old, but well-known games.



Google games from Doodle don’t have cool graphics or plot, but they entice gamers for hours. Such games are famous for their simple controls and pixelated graphics and usually have no end.

Google diversity

There are quite a few Google games, but you should probably start with Pacman. Many people remember this uncomplicated arcade game from the distant nineties, but with a redesigned labyrinth in the form of Google, it appeared only in 2010, exactly on the day when the legend turned thirty years old. Here, you need to move around the map and devour small dots, and ghosts that hunt the yellow hero add complexity. Google games include the following pieces:

  • Snake. Here, as in the classic pixel arcade, you need to collect the maximum number of apples. From each swallowed fruit, the snake will increase in size. Gradually, it will become more and more difficult to control it, and at the same time, you need to remember that you can’t crash into either the edges of the map or your own body or tail.
  • Solitaire. A standard variation of the card game with a modified appearance for the general style of Google games. Here the player will need to stock up on time and patience, since shifting cards is not an easy task. It has three difficulty levels, and the main goal is to collect cards as their numbers increase into one deck and perform this action with everything to see the fireworks at the end.
  • Minesweeper. A game that appeared on Windows back in the 90s. A filled field appears in front of the player, where bombs are randomly scattered. You need to try not to stumble upon them and mark each with a special flag.
    Tic-tac-toe. Doodle version of the game will help get rid of the need for drawing a field on a piece of paper. One player places noughts in the cells, and the other one puts crosses. The winner is the one who manages to collect a line of three identical symbols.
  • Running dinosaur. This game from Google is the most popular among all the others. Everyone who has experienced Internet problems has already tried this cute runner in action. The dinosaur runs non-stop through the desert, where different obstacles, cacti and dangerous flying birds await him. They need to be jumped over to overcome the greatest possible distance and set a new record.

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