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“There is no time to stand still, you need to run as soon as possible! Forward - towards adventure "- this is the motto in all the games in the Subway Surfers series. These runners may have different locations and characters, but the plot is about the same - you must successfully reach the end of the track, and collect as many coins as possible along the way.


Games runners Subway Surfers

So that the games of the Subway Surf series will not be boring, players are constantly offered new worlds and characters, supplementing them with unique capabilities. You can play as a boy Jake, Tom the Cat, Aladdin and even the most real fighting rooster. Heroes run across different cities and mazes, dodge obstacles, and collect bonuses.

Locations and abilities depend on the game that you decide to download, for example, for Jake you play as a restless boy trying to arrange various pranks, and as a rooster you collect chicken eggs. Bonuses provide various benefits, such as increasing speed or attracting rewards.

The levels in Subway Surfers games are endless. The main thing is to run as fast and further as possible. In this case, it is necessary to perform different tasks. To do this, you need to try, because the hero can at any time collide with some obstacle or be in the hands of the enemy.

You can launch Subway Surf games for free on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Unlike usual games for Android, you don't need to download anything, just download the flash game online and enjoy exciting adventures.

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