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The legendary Super Sonic runs at supersonic speeds. Many adults love games with him, and children are just crazy about them. The funny animal does not stand still for a second. Sonic the hedgehog is constantly running somewhere, and the player moves with him going level after level. Just manage to destroy enemies and collect coins, but at the same time watch out for the abyss, from where you cannot get out!


Fun kids games Super Sonic

Initially, games with Sonic were released in the arcade genre, but now many different entertainments are invented. You can go through amusing labyrinths, fight enemies, run a race, do puzzles and much more. What Super Sonic does in games:

  • accelerates to incredible speeds;
  • jumps above trees;
  • dodges crabs and robotic bees;
  • climbs onto flying platforms.

And the main weapon of this unique hedgehog is by no means needles. Sonic's superpower is that he really moves quickly. And if he curls up into a ball, no obstacles will interfere with it. Games with this character are perfect for those who love speed and extreme. Usually they have bright graphics and a simple plot, but it is very interesting to play at the same time, since Sonic the Hedgehog gets involved in adventures all the time.

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