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Fire and Water games are designed for two players, although they can be played alone. These fun adventures are interesting for children and adults, as they have different levels of difficulty. Players will have to get out of dangerous labyrinths, do puzzles, train their reactions and be resourceful. All this together with Red boy and Blue girl who are always in a hurry to meet adventure.


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Games for two series Fire and Water

The inseparable couple - Red boy and Blue girl - are in different places: from ancient temples to fairy kingdoms. On the way, they search for magic crystals, encounter obstacles and open secret doors. The main goal is to get out of the maze by solving all the intricate puzzles. It's interesting to play for each hero, because they have unique superpowers. Fire and Water complement each other perfectly. Blue girl is not bothered by even the most powerful water cannons, and Red boy easily passes through the fiery walls.

Gamers like the adventures of these heroes so much that now other games based on the famous series are released. In these games, Fire and Water not only get out of the labyrinths, but also participate in races, collect fruits, fight opponents, and much more. The main thing is that there is this friendly couple everywhere, with whom it is always interesting.

Games from this series are equally well suited for boys and girls. They have nice musical accompaniment and beautiful graphics. Usually games consist of several levels, in which the tasks for Fire and Water gradually become more difficult. Winning is not so easy, and it can only be done if they act together. Therefore, it is especially exciting to play with a friend. Games from the "Fire and Water" series teach children mutual assistance, the ability to act in a team, and support a friend.

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