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A real Bomber is desperate for blowing something up! Dynamic games from this series provide the gamer with a lot of excitement. Do puzzles, evince spectacular reactions and enjoy cool scenes. You can plunge into unbridled online fun and break everything in the world for your pleasure!


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Timeless classic - play, blow up, win!

Classic games from the Bomberman series were released on the Dandy game console in the 80s of the last century. These are logic puzzles in which you have to play as a Bomber robot. He decides to escape from the explosives factory and needs to defeat all the enemies who are trying to stop him. The robot can do mines and bombs literally with its bare hands, but it is important for it not to be blown up by its own bombs and not fall into the hands of opponents.

The playing field in the first games about Bomberman looks extremely simple - it is a rectangle, which is divided into squares. Some of them are free to move, while others are occupied by stones. Some of the cobblestones can be blown up. The player will have to arrange the bombs in such a way as to get rid of his enemies and not to blow himself up. This is where the whole story ends, but the gameplay is very exciting. This is probably why games from the Bomberman series are still being released, and with different heroes and labyrinths, so fans are never bored.

Today you can play Bomberman not only on a console but also on a PC, smartphone, tablet. There are even variations for two, where you can compete with a friend.

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