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Would you like to see the land from the height of a dragon flight? Then it's time to download the How to Train Your Dragon game. Incredible magical creatures are waiting for you: large and small dragons with different abilities. You can play with them, protect the island of Olukh from enemies and help the Vikings with the housework.


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Kids games based on How to Train Your Dragon

The kind and touching cartoon "How to Tame a Dragon" caused a storm of positive emotions, so games are also popular. What other adventures await the dragon Toothless and the Viking Hiccup? If you want to know about it, feel free to download any game of your choice. You will be able to spend time with your favorite characters from the cartoon "How to Tame Your Dragon" again, and also meet completely new characters.

Here you can meet magical lizards, feel like a brave Viking and even fly high in the sky. Each game shows its own mysterious and wonderful world, in which there are so many wonders. Games based on the cartoon "How to Tame a Dragon" are made in a variety of genres, but they are all imbued with the spirit of adventure. Feel like a member of the friendly Hiccup team and get your magical pet.

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