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Dinosaurs lived on our planet long before the time of man, these mysterious creatures have long since disappeared, but they still arouse interest. Today, their life and habits can be studied by entering the virtual world. Only here you will find out how many species of dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and you can also go with them on incredible adventures!


Popular dinosaur games for boys and girls

Online dinosaur games for kids are an unforgettable adventure about ancient creatures. Some of them were formidable giants with the size of a five-story building, while others were very tiny, but nimble. Each has its own formidable weapon, be it sharp teeth, strong claws or long spikes. Will you fight with them or be friends? It's up to you to decide.

In dinosaur games, you can try yourself as a transformer constructor, a brave hunter, or even become an ancient lizard yourself. Collect iron dino robot parts, travel to the prehistoric world, or smash buildings for fun.

Or maybe you dream of your tame dinosaur? Do you want to take care of him, feed and walk him? This can also be arranged if you download an exciting game for children with any dinosaur of your choice. You will surely become friends and be able to have fun together.

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