Ladybug & Cat Noir Games


Lady Bug and Cat Noir games are stories about two brave superheroes. During the day these are ordinary schoolchildren Marinet and Adrian, and in the evening they transform into partners with unique abilities. Heroes save ordinary people from villains, catch robbers and investigate crimes. At the same time, the air between them literally sparks with romance and flirting.


Games for girls Lady Bug and Cat Noir

Lady Bug and Cat Noir games are created mainly for girls, as most of the plots are about dating and relationships. But there are also arcades, puzzles, action games that boys will love too.

You mainly need to play as Lady Bug, but in some games she is joined by her partner Cat Noir, who is also called Super Cat. The incredible couple looks very cute, and the adventures take place in bright and pleasant places.

Usually Lady Bug and Cat Noir travel across Paris, because it is their hometown. But in some games, heroes can go on vacation to the mountains or to the ocean. They have to do a lot of good deeds, and at the same time dress up for a date. Are you ready to travel with them? Then go ahead - download any game for free and hurry towards your romantic adventure.

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