Super Mario games


The brave plumber Mario is still looking for his princess. Several generations of gamers have traveled with him through dark dungeons and high mountains, but games with this hero are still popular. At each level, a new test awaits you in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is completely overgrown with predatory flowers, walking fly agarics and other dangerous creatures. Brave Mario must overcome all these obstacles, find his way in the maze and save his beloved princess.


Let’s put on a cap, fix the overalls - and go on to adventure!

The hero of this series of games is Italian Mario from Brooklyn. He works as a plumber and often spends time with his brother Luigi. Both heroes fall into different exciting stories, so you won't get bored with them. In some games, you can complete levels at once for both Mario brothers.

Friends never sit around. They jump between platforms and roam in labyrinths. And they often have to fight against Gubma mushrooms and Koopa turtles.

Exciting Mario games await

Today, the Mario series is recognized as the best among the games of all times and peoples, they even wrote about it in the Guinness Book of Records. Even if its plot is simple, the world is pleasant, and the adventures are exciting. Therefore, based on the main series of Mario, many other games were released for every taste and age.

A talented plumber embarks on the most incredible adventures:

  • fights the dragon Bowles;
  • protects the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil magician;
  • helps the brotherhood of assassins;
  • looking for Pharaoh's treasures and more.

Exciting online games are available for free - choose any and try not to be eaten by predatory plants. Some games don't even look like the classic Super Mario at all. Instead of a plumber, you can play in them with another hero, for example, a brave Viking or a cute kitten. These heroes also are challenged with adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's time to find out what awaits them!

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