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The tail is upright, sniffing the wind, legs are pulled up - move forward towards adventure! It's time to join the brave Paw Patrol rescuers. Help Zeke Ryder's team and defend Adventure Bay from villains. And on calm days, you can travel, for example, through snowy mountains or underwater labyrinths. Many interesting missions are waiting for you, because funny puppies are always ready to go on a new task.


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Paw Patrol: Mega Pups

Paw Patrol games help you to be smart and to react fast. After all, you need to help the brave team get out of trouble. Paw Patrol rescue operations take place in the jungle, underwater and even in the air. The main thing is that you are never bored with your faithful friends.

In the Paw Patrol games, you have to play as the commander Zeke Ryder - a 10-year-old boy - or one of six puppies. Each of them has its own unique abilities:

  • Skye is a talented pilot who flies an airplane or small wings;
  • Rubble is a kind English bulldog who rides first-class skateboards and snowboards;
  • Rocky - knows everything about technology and does not part with his instruments;
  • Marshall is a fearless firefighter, albeit slightly clumsy;
  • Zuma is a Labrador surfer who just loves water;
  • Chase is the unmatched leader of the team.

In games about Paw Patrol, you can get to know these characters better. Entertainment is designed for different ages and hobbies. There are puzzles, conundrums, adventure games, and coloring pages. You can choose any puppy and develop its abilities by playing with your faithful friend.

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