Games for 5 year old kids


Children 5 years old are usually already well acquainted with games: they possess a mouse or keyboard, and understand the basic game tasks. Therefore, there are so many colorful and interesting games designed specifically for children of this age. Most of the games for five-year-olds are not only fun, but also useful, as they help to develop important skills: logic, thinking, attentiveness, etc. With their help, children get to know the world around them, learn to behave in new situations, and show ingenuity.


Collection of games for five-year-old children

We have collected a large collection of online games for five-year-old children. In this section, everyone will find something interesting for himself:

  • colorful puzzles;
  • conundrums;
  • coloring pages;
  • arcades and more.

In a playful way, the kid gains knowledge and skills that will be useful for future admission to the first grade. For example, in the game “Learning Numbers 123” children are told about numbers and at the same time they are taught English. Your toddler may start to slowly study preschool materials to prepare better for school. Learning is easy and relaxed, because the child is really passionate.

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