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Description and purpose of the game

Wordle Game: Guess the Hidden Word

This game has won the hearts of millions, despite its simple graphics and elementary rules. Your task is to guess the word that is hidden. Everything is quite simple and clear! Enter any word you can think of in the first row, so that it matches the number of letters with the squares of the first row of the playing field. Each letter that is in the word-solving, and took the correct position, will be colored green. In case, if the letter is on a place which does not belong to it, but it is in the word which you are looking for, the square will become yellow. The gray will remain those squares which letters do not belong to the word you are guessing. It is possible to enter the word 6 times before you can find the combination of symbols hidden in them. Enter more words with different combinations of letters to get additional hints, following which you will be able to give the correct answer as soon as possible.


How to play

1.  Start from the top row of the field, and make up the first word

Type the letters of the word in the first row of the game board using the keyboard on the screen. It is important that the word coincides in length with the number of squares on the first row of the table (5 letters). There are still 6 attempts ahead to give the right answer!

2. Now you can see the first results and make your predictions 

As soon as the word is entered and accepted, the squares with letters will take one of three colors, which are the main clues in the game. The square will be colored green if the letter inscribed in it, is in the word you are looking for and it is exactly on its place. Yellow color you will see if there are such letters, but not on their position, and gray color will indicate the absence of such letters. Now you know some letters that should be in the hidden word. 

3. Enter several variants of words and try to write the one that was hidden

Having several variants of words, you can already predict the combination you are looking for by seeing which letters are in the clue and which ones shouldn't be there. Based on the clues on the screen and according to the colors, try to connect the letters that are already known, add those that are not yet opened, and find out what word was hidden. As soon as you enter the correct combination, letters of each square will turn green. That's Victory! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dictionary is used?

"Wordle" includes a huge list of words from an encyclopedic dictionary and there are over 1,530,000 different words. The creators review feedback every day, based on which they form a new list of acceptable words, so the game constantly brings new combinations.

What does "Word not found" means?

There is no entered word in the list of acceptable words, so the program does not recognize it. Such a message implies a search for another combination of symbols.

How to change a letter?

In order to change a letter in the entered word or to write another one, you should press "Backspace" and the last written letter will disappear. But remember that if the word has already been confirmed, you can't delete it.

You think it's too simple. Is it possible to add complexity?

Yes, it is possible. Just go to Settings, and turn on "Complex Mode". In this case, once the prompts are detected, each subsequent word must include already known letters. You won't be able to enter a combination without the letters you already knew due to the words above.

How else can you diversify your "Wordle"?

In "Settings" you can choose the number of letters from 4x to 11. You can also find the Challenge of the Day. This is a challenge that is generated every new day and is valid until a certain time. Make Dark Mode - the playing field will become black. Change the standard colors of letter coloring, to more contrasting colors, which is great for colorblind people. You can also add letter hints and swap the buttons on the keyboard at the bottom.

What is the best word to enter first?

To start with, a word that has no repeated letters and has as many vowel sounds as possible is perfect. In this way you can get several suitable variants at once and solve the word you are looking for faster.

Game is not working?

HTML5 games work in all browsers and do not require the installation of plugins

If the game does not start, try the following:

  • Refresh the page (F5 key for computer)
  • If you use an ad blocker, disable it
  • Wait longer if you have a low internet connection speed.
  • Try opening the game in a different browser. (Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser)

If all else fails - let us know.

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