Coloring Games


Coloring games are very fun and useful for children from 3 to 12 years old. With their help, the child develops fine motor skills, studies lines and geometric shapes, and shows his artistic talents. Playing with coloring, the kid begins to think creatively.

It is very exciting: to see a monochrome picture in front of you and watch how it gradually takes on the most unexpected colors. In some coloring pages, a brush, a pencil, a felt-tip pen, or a pen appears instead of the mouse cursor. With their help, the picture begins to fill with different combinations of colors, and the child explores their combinations and learns to combine shades. After all, there are a lot of colors, and in order for the picture to turn out beautiful, you need to choose the right color for each detail.


What are coloring games

Coloring pages differ from each other in the available palette, drawing tools and paintings. There are standard drawing games with animals, cars or flowers, and there are themed games. For example, if a girl likes Disney princesses, you can choose a coloring with these favorite heroines. And for boys, pictures with racing cars are perfect. Moreover, in contrast to the drawing on a sheet of paper, after painting the car comes to life and can participate in racing competitions. It’s a real dream of every boy!

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