Agility Games


How to test your agility and reaction? In fact, it is not difficult. You don't have to host peer competition or come up with a cunning plan. Games for children have existed for a long time, they show how well the reaction is and help to train manual dexterity. Launch the game and show your skills in action. Try to reach the final on your first try!


Train your skills in a manual dexterity games

Each agility game for kids offers gamers unique challenges. How fast do you react in different situations? Various tasks will help you evaluate your strengths:

  • dodge dangerous objects;
  • win sports competitions with a ball (football, basketball, golf);
  • hit the target;
  • balance on an unstable support;
  • round a corner;
  • maneuver among obstacles, etc.

The main thing is to achieve the set goal, whatever it may be. Even if you can't do it the first time, it's okay. There are always at least a few attempts to be successful.

You can play in different genres, so it won't be boring. Everywhere there is an interesting scenario, original design, game rules. This is not only exciting, but also useful entertainment for schoolchildren and preschoolers, as it helps to develop fine motor skills of hands.

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